Mike McDonald Goes to Jail!

Mike McDonald (formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants) is now in custody. He was due to be sentenced today. But because of various technical issues, this will be delayed until 15th December.
But he will be behind bars until at least then, and then hopefully much longer.
Been 3 years since this guy got found to be pinching people’s money (mostly not forwarding client’s taxes to the IRD). Over $1 million.
So good to see him finally behind bars!  Hopefully he stays there for a good long while.

Mike McDonald Pleads Guilty

The Herald Reports:

Tax agent pleads guilty to keeping client money

A former tax agent who didn’t pay his clients’ tax to the Inland Revenue Department and falsified 250 GST and income tax returns in order to keep client money has pleaded guilty to fraud charges.

In the Manukau District Court last Friday, Michael McDonald pleaded guilty to four charges of theft by a person in a special relationship, 13 charges of dishonestly using a document, and one charge of false accounting, the Serious Fraud Office, which prosecuted the case, said in a statement.

McDonald became a registered tax agent in 2002. Between 2007 and 2013, he took money from clients to pay their taxes but kept it himself, filed 250 false GST and income tax returns either to get money from Inland Revenue or to keep client funds he wasn’t entitled to, and made false entries in one client’s financial statements in an attempt to hide his theft.


I’m actually quite surprised by this.  Michael Robert McDonald (calls himself Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants) has pleaded guilty.

This wanker has ducked and dived the whole time since it became clear he was pinching people’s money.

While I went through the bankruptcy process, he delayed things a lot, told anyone who would listen that I was the bad guy (even making allegations that I followed his wife in my car, harassed his family and so on.  All of which is complete nonsense.)

And now we see he has admitted to being a thief and a liar.  Of over $700,000 from the IRD (i.e. NZ taxpayer), his clients, me and a bunch of other people.

A bit of background around this: The way the system seems to work is that the Justice Dept and others seek to avoid having a trial whenever they can.  I can only assume this is because of the cost, time and hassle (and lack of resources) to do so.

So they give the defendant an indication of what kind of sentence they might receive if they plead guilty.  Hoping that if they plead guilty, they’ll avoid the necessity for a trial.

And I guess to get this deal accepted, they offer a pretty cushy sentence.  With the threat that if they go to trial and the crown wins,  then you get a harsher sentence.

So I’m imagining that his sentence will be quite light, but you never know.

Sentencing is set down for 21st October 2016.

Thought Police Alive and Well

So here’s some turkey calling for people who deny climate change to be criminalised:

Dr Jarrod Gilbert: Why climate denial should be a criminal offence

Dr Jarrod Gilbert is a sociologist at the University of Canterbury and the lead researcher at Independent Research Solutions. He is an award-winning writer who specialises in research with practical applications.

There is no greater crime being perpetuated on future generations than that committed by those who deny climate change. The scientific consensus is so overwhelming that to argue against it is to perpetuate a dangerous fraud. Denial has become a yardstick by which intelligence can be tested. The term climate sceptic is now interchangeable with the term mindless fool.


How many times over the course of history have we seen this sort of behaviour?

Surely it would have been said about the earth being flat, at the centre of the universe, there being plenty more fish in the sea, it’s impossible for man to fly, the sub 4 minute mile will never be run, man could never reach the moon and so on.

People have been tortured to death for not believing in imaginary gods of all kinds, spurned for looking through a telescope and on and on it goes.

But this guy thinks he’s right.  In fact he’s 100% sure he’s right.  So right that everyone who disagrees with him (a sociologist for crying out loud) and some scientists, they should be criminalised.

What? Put in jail maybe? Made to recant their opinions and ideas? All very 14th century if you ask me.

Government reveals conservation project with aim to be predator free by 2050 – National – NZ Herald News

• 25 million native birds are killed by pests a year • $3.3 billion cost to the economy and primary sector a year • $28 million new company to identify large pest control programmes and…

Source: Government reveals conservation project with aim to be predator free by 2050 – National – NZ Herald News

This is an awesome project.  Our man on the moon type of project.  I’m going to be involved in some way..

Now (Some?) of the Truth Comes Out

Regarding the disappearance of MH370, many people have speculated that the public are not being told the whole truth in this matter.

Turns out, that was correct:

MH370 pilot practised suicide route into the Indian Ocean

The captain of missing flight MH370 practised crashing into the Indian Ocean on a simulator weeks before his plane disappeared, confidential police documents reveal.

The documents show that captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah practised flying across remote sections of the ocean until his plane ran out of fuel.

It suggests the disappearance of MH370 was not an accident, but a suicide mission meticulously planned by the pilot, New York magazine reported.

The route he practised on the simulator took him out of Kuala Lumpur before heading south over the remote expanse of the Indian Ocean.

It is a route eerily similar to the one investigators believe the plane flew before it vanished in March 2014.

The simulator data was gleaned from a computer by the FBI and used by the Malaysian Police during their investigation into the incident.

However, the findings were withheld from the public when police released their official investigation last March.

Before the flight vanished it is understood Shah had been distracted and withdrawn as he dealt with the break-up of his marriage.

Speaking in 2014 about the mystery, the wife and daughter of Shah said the 53-year-old pilot had been desolate in the weeks before the aircraft’s disappearance – and refused pleas to attend marriage counselling sessions.

Three weeks after the split Flight MH370 went missing, with some investigators suggesting it was a deliberate and desperate ploy by Shah.

The key part bolded by me.  Why would they hold this back from the public I wonder? What would or could informing the public of this do?  How would it compromise the search? Or otherwise interfere with finding out what happened and where the plane is?

The revelations come as officials from Malaysia, China and Australia admit they could have been searching in the wrong area for the plane for the last two years.


The Entire Westernised Economic Model is a Ponzi Scheme

Why? Because it relies on an ever increasing population – otherwise it falls over.

Here’s an article about Denmark for instance:

Population explosion due

Denmark’s birth rate is about to surge following a series of sex campaigns, including one that called on Danes to “Do it for Mom”.

“The Danish welfare system is under pressure. There are still not enough babies being born, despite a little progress. And this concerns us all. But those who suffer the most are perhaps the mothers who will never experience having a grandchild,” the ad said, showing an older Danish woman imagining her future grandchild.






Blunt Article from Fran O’Sullivan

Blunt but true:

Fran O’Sullivan: Memo – This is not a pissing contest

John Key and Graeme Wheeler should fix the housing crisis – not point the finger at each other.

Key is on the money as he rarks up the Reserve Bank over its failure to further tighten the screws on property speculators.

Everyone knows he is playing diversionary tactics.



Shanty Towns Here We Come!

Auckland Council has totally failed at it’s job for the last 20 years (previously 7 councils).  They have strangled supply.  They have ramped up costs.  They have stopped many developments in their tracks – often after a great deal of money has been spent by the prospective developer.

And what is the result? Surprise, surprise, a housing shortage.

And the National government, has basically stood by and tinkered a little bit.  And kind of hoped the problem would go away.

But it hasn’t.

So what do we have now? 2 things.  Firstly an infrastructure loan facility of $1b and secondly, and comically, some ‘pop up’ houses.  Sigh.

So firstly we have an infrastructure loan facility for fast growing cities (they mean Auckland, but for some reason don’t like to lay the blame all at Auckland’s doorstep) so that they can borrow off of the government to do what they always used to do, but seems now can’t do, i.e. put in infrastructure so that developers can subdivide land and build houses.

This is a) A tiny amount of money and b) Auckland council wouldn’t need it if they hadn’t pissed away sooooo much money on stupid shit.  Sorry to be blunt, but that’s basically it.  They’ve spent and spent and spent, incurred a lot of debt, and now they can’t perform their mandated functions such as providing infrastructure.  They’re like a teenager who spent all their money on booze and now want their parents to give them petrol money so they can get to work/school/uni/tech.

And then secondly, we have Paula Bennett wanting to create some pop up houses.  Why? Because this issue is starting to hurt the government.  They’ve tinkered around for the last 7 years or so and tut tutted while the situation gets worse.  And of course, they’ve watched immigration levels get to +70,000 people per annum – which all governments like because it stimulates the economy.

But the situation is now undeniable.  We are damn short of houses in Auckland and when it comes to allowing the creation of more housing units, the council has been dragging it’s feet the whole time.

So what to do? Well some quick fixes apparently!  Nothing that will solve the long term problem, just some things that will say “We take this issue seriously”  Try to keep a straight face when reading that 🙂

You know what they need to do?  You really want to know?


Simple.  Costs the taxpayer and ratepayer nothing.  No risks either.  Just let developers and builders get on with the job and the situation would be resolved pronto.

Sadly I don’t see this happening in the near future.

Instead we’ll get some shanty towns for the poor people, and a loan to the poor council.

Is the GC the Answer?

Interesting Article: Here.

Why the Gold Coast is the answer to our soaring house prices

A former Reserve Bank chairman has called for the Government and Auckland Council to enact policies to deliberately “collapse” the city’s house prices by at least 40 per cent and intensify building along Tamaki Dr with Gold Coast-style towers.


I agree with some of the articles content but not all of it.  I still think the council just needs to get out of the way and let private developers build.