Movie Reviews

Here are movies I’ve especially liked, disliked or for whatever reason decided to write about.


We’re Here to Help.

This is a bloody good story of a the little guy taking on the IRD and winning.

Now the reason I watched this was of course because of the ongoing battles I’m having with the Auckland Council.

The main thing I kept thinking to myself as I watched this was, man you have to be strong to do this.  David Henderson’s battle with the IRD took over 3 years.  During which time he lost his business, his house and his partner.  And he kept going…

I thought the movie was very well done.   The bureaucrats were played very well and the never-ending list of issues raised is just so on the money.

All in all, quite and inspiring movie which makes me even more determined to carry on fighting for what is right.

The IRD in New Zealand has contributed to people taking their own lives.  That’s how hard it is to fight a large bureaucracy with unlimited funds, staff and legislation behind it.

And I’m sure that these battles help.  The IRD is a different place today than it was 10-15 years ago.  Because of people like David Henderson.

If we all just lay down and take it, then we empower these people.  It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees!