David (Davo36) here.  I live in West Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m a commercial property investor.

Interests include growing native trees, bioinformatics, hovercraft, archery.

You can email me here: david@duganotherhole.com

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. hi davo36
    re the bayleys auction on Wed7th
    of the ones that did not sell, you list some as “highest bid $xxx ”
    and some as “set aside”
    Does the set aside comment mean there was no bidding for the property, or was there bids that you did not record ?


  2. Hi Davo, someone I find interesting is John Robb, his latest project is about the decline of the middle class esp from tech advances replacing humans in the workforce. He started http://www.homefreeamerica.us recently to discuss this issue, show examples and share some solutions. It’s aimed at Americans obviously but will apply to most developed nations. Well worth reading if you find the time, cheers.

  3. Thanks, I’ve had a bit of a read of that and I agree with what he is saying.

    Interesting times ahead alright, as we de-industrialise…

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