Auckland Council Rates Team Hopeless

I blogged a couple of days ago about how it apparently takes 5 working days to speak to someone in the council’s rating team.

Well the 5 working days have been and gone and still no call from them.  So I rang again today.  Only to be given the run around again.

You get passed from person to person, (whom you have to describe your query to each) time.  And then they person who can perhaps answer your question is away today…  And can they take a message?

So I’ve made a complaint.  via the website.  When you submit the complaint/enquiry form, it says: Thank you for contacting the Auckland Council. Your request has been submitted. You will receive a response from us within three working days.




Update: I rang the council again and asked to speak to the person who was supposed to be calling me back.  I got hold of her!  And she was quite helpful!  I mostly have the answer to my question and she will send more info via email.

So after a week of trying, I’m nearly there!


Update 14th July 2012: Well after 2 weeks of trying I haven’t received a response from the council.  I’ve emailed and rung (and left a message, I swear not one council staff member doesn’t have their phone on permanent voicemail) but no use.

So 2 weeks have gone by (3 in total) to get answers to 2 very simple questions.


Update 17th July: Still no response.


Update 18th July: I got a call from someone at the rates team in the Auckland CBD.  They were able to answer my questions.  So it would seem the legislative change made by the government does only apply to council, so they can’t increase rates during the year in Auckland.  I’ve asked for this in writing and am yet to receive that.

But also they were able to give me various mulitpliers etc. which I can use to calculate what the rates might go to should I unit title.  And they look fine, so this is all good.

Don’t know what happened with the complaint I made, heard no more about that.