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Throw out Auckland housing plan – commission

Chris Hutching | Friday December 16, 2011 | 4 comments

More land must be opened up for housing, according to a long-awaited Productivity Commission report.

“Bold changes” are required to allow young people the ability to by affordable houses, the report said.

It recommends that the Auckland Council throw out its spatial plan that aims to house 75% of new homes within existing urban boundaries.

The plan “will be difficult to reconcile with affordable housing”.

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 And then there’s this article:

Council land rules slammed by new Commission

By Anne Gibson

12:00 PM Friday Dec 16, 2011
Photo / Paul Estcourt


Photo / Paul Estcourt

A hard-hitting investigation into housing affordability has just been issued by the Productivity Commission which has criticised the system for locking out so many home buyers.

Murray Sherwin, chair of the Government’s first commission inquiry, said affordable quality housing was fundamental to successful communities yet the numbers of people forced to rent was rising.

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Well whaddya know?  The Productivity Commision is saying the Auckland planner’s plans are BS.  Of course it is, but it’s nice to hear some influential people say it.

After all planners would rather die than listen to builders, developers, investors or even, the public – eeeewwwww.

But will they throw out their precious spatial plan? (Which is not actually a spatial plan at all but a street by street stipulation of what can’t be done)  Of course they won’t.  They’ll fight and argue that they are right and everyone else is wrong.  And then they’ll change it ever so slightly (and change it back in other places) and say “There we go, we listened and changed the plan.  The plan the people of Auckland said they want.”

And they’ll do it with straight faces.  They’re used to holding a poker face while they lie to the public of Auckland, they’re very well practised.

You can read the Productivity Commission’s report here.


One thought on “Hear Hear!”

  1. Wow finally someone with a modicum of sence has stated the obvious! The only practical way to solve Aucklands “LONG TERM” housing dilema is to open up the green belt. One of the key issues that will need to be adressed is to sort out the motorways! The current band aid that is being afixed to the Western Motorway is a joke it should be at least 4 lanes either side preferably 5. Why so many? because we need to think LONG TERM transport solutions. The current mob running Auckland appear to think that we can chop up what ever land is left inside the green belt by approving housing developements with smaller and smaller lots also by building apartment blocks to house the ever increasing number of people needing accomodation in Auckland. They will acheive a short term fix and long term slums not the sort of Auckland that I want to see!
    I tend to agree they will probably ignore the report and keep blindly marching forward with their ill-conceived short term plans.
    I will watch with interest!

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