Rental WOF

Recently, there have been calls for all houses that are rented out in NZ to be subject to a rental warrant of fitness.  This would mean all rental properties would have to comply with a checklist of items around safety, insulation etc.

I reckon this will be about as effective as the dog micro-chipping laws:

Some years ago girl got badly bitten on the face, the government said”We will fix that” and introduced a law requiring all dogs to be micro-chipped. All good owners do so. All ratbag owners don’t. Result? As many dog bites as before, costs up on all good dog owners.

Rental WOF? All good owners will get them, ratbag owners won’t. Result? As many crappy houses for rent as there are now. Costs up for all good landlords (99.55 of them).

Further results? Tenants rents go up to pay for the new compliance which actually results in the people who are supposedly being helped paying more rent i.e. harmed.

So all the do-gooder out there calling for a rental WOF, you might want to think about that.

Also, what about owners of houses living in them?  Why are they not part of this?  Do their needs not matter?  Or are they not considered to be as disadvantaged as the poor down-trodden renters?