Mike McDonald Goes to Jail!

Mike McDonald (formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants) is now in custody. He was due to be sentenced today. But because of various technical issues, this will be delayed until 15th December.
But he will be behind bars until at least then, and then hopefully much longer.
Been 3 years since this guy got found to be pinching people’s money (mostly not forwarding client’s taxes to the IRD). Over $1 million.
So good to see him finally behind bars!  Hopefully he stays there for a good long while.

2 thoughts on “Mike McDonald Goes to Jail!”

  1. really sad to hear what you have been through with Mike…I worked with him in two accounting firms and this isn’t the Mike i knew…dont condone it at all ….no excuses but Mike and Melissa were good people 10 years ago…sad on all counts

    1. Hmmm thanks for this. I believe you when you say they used to be good people. Which makes it all the stranger that they’ve decided to become crims.

      Somehow they’ve rationalised that stealing a lot of money from a lot of people is OK behaviour.

      Not sure how people get to that point, like when did they decide it was OK? Maybe it was a gradual thing.

      But in any case, Mike at least, is paying the consequences.

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