David Henderson in the News Again

David Henderson, long time IRD battler, who had a movie made about him which I have reviewed here on the movies page, is in the news again: Link

Some time ago Rodney Hide wrote about a situation where he was having to provide information to the Official Assignee about a friend.  They wouldn’t say who it was, or why they were investigating, only that they needed information and that he had to give it.  Which he found extraordinary, of course!

So today I see the story linked to above, and Hide’s friend is David Henderson (the Christchurch one) who has had troubles with his property development business since the GFC.

The Official Assignee is chasing him over a various matters.

Funny how I take David Henderson’s side in this fight – after bankrupting Michael Robert McDonald for non payment of his debts and seeing what a fraud he is.

It will be interesting to see how both these cases proceed through the courts.