Some Commonsense Needs to be Brought to this Issue

Road toll heading back to the bad old days despite best efforts of police


Some quotes from the article.

“The most immediate part of the solution relies on driver responsibility,” Greally said.


Road safety campaigner Clive Matthew-Wilson said the Government’s strategies were failing because they were targeting the wrong areas. 

“The police managed to convince everyone that lowering the speed tolerance and making it harder to get a licence was going to solve everything. In fact, it clearly hasn’t worked.”

About 80 per cent of fatal crashes occurred at speeds below the legal limit, and almost everyone who caused them had no regard for the law anyway, Matthew-Wilson said.

“Therefore, to target the average driver was never going to work, because the average driver was never the problem.”

And I agree.


I have a small commercial/residential property in Papakura, Auckland.  I was just reflecting on how much is going on there right now:

1) There are 48 townhouses being built around 550m from the CBD.  19 in stage one, being done now.  Corner of Ray Small Drive and Elliot St.  Here’s a picture off of the signboard on the property.  Try and ignore the graffiti :
Elliot Mews

2) They are working on the old Warehouse site to turn it into a medical centre now:
The Warehouse
3) There’s a few apartment developments around the town you probably won’t be aware of:
  • These ones have just been completed and are very close to the subject property.  The guys who did these are doing more just down from the current property on the Great South Road, across the road from the Warehouse – in the medical centre building.  So the medical centre people are moving out and across the road to the Warehouse site.​

Stanley Building

  • There are 11 planned just up and across the road from my building, above the Post Office.  Resource consent granted, construction not started.:

138 Great South Road, Papakura

  • 12 are being built (Nearly finished) in Railway St West.  I don’t have a photo of these, but they’re of very good quality.  Approximately 1km from the centre of CBD.
  • I think there are 4 being built in Wood St.  But haven’t seen this, just been told by an agent.

So anyway, I was listening to something on the radio the other day about the revival of run-down towns in the US and the key they said, was to get people living there.  Then the rest would come e.g. restaurants, cafes, shops etc, people feel safer at night and so on.


So I think this may happen to Papakura, but it won’t happen overnight, might take a few years.