I’ve written a couple of posts on how I’m trying to catch/kill rats around our property in west Auckland.

I’ve tried a GoodNature trap – which has caught a total of 1 rat in over 6  months.  Got to say I’m dissappointed with it.

And a couple of weeks ago, we started hearing rats in the roof/ceiling cavity.

So we investigated, found lots of rat droppings up there.  Put the GoodNature trap up there along with 4 conventional traps.  We have caught 1 in a conventional trap.

Today we had a ceiling hatch put in a part of the roof/ceiling cavity we couldn’t get access into.  And I’ve set 2 conventional traps along with a bait station.

I hate to use the toxic stuff, but have no choice really, the rats are making a real mess up there and are really noisy too, waking us up each night as they scurry about, scratch etc.

Also put 2 bait stations outside the house.  Will be interesting to see if they get rat attention.

The cat has been catching one about every 10 days or so as well.  The other day he caught and killed a really big one.

So there’s obviously heaps of them about.  Will be good to get rid of them!

Auckland Ratepayer’s Alliance

This organisation: http://www.ratepayers.nz/ has started today. They are called the Auckland Ratepayer’s Alliance. Their aims are:

What are the aims of the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance?
The aims of the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance are to:

  • reduce wasteful Council spending;
  • increase transparency and accountability of those funded by ratepayers;
  • increase institutional checks on the Council;
  • enable Aucklanders to easily scrutinise Council spending;
  • lower the rates burden; and
  • promote evidence-based public policy.

I might join, it’s free.