Rat Trap Catches a Rat!

I posted a while back about how I’d bought an A24 Rat Trap from GoodNature.

It’s been a frustrating experience up till now because a) The cat has been bringing in rats and mice every other day and b) the trap didn’t seem to be catching anything.

The trouble with these traps is that you don’t know if they’re catching anything because the rat and mice carcasses can be removed by local cats.

So I bought an addition to the trap, a counter.  It’s an electronic counter that attaches to it and records every time it goes off.  I also bought some more detector cards.

These are the cards that you put around the place to see where rodents etc. are active.  They hold part of the

I had a couple of these cards hugely munched the other day and so assuming it was a possum, put the possum trap out for a few nights, but no luck catching anything in that.

And yesterday, I moved the rat trap out of the bush location I had it and put it where one of the detector cards had been attacked.  And then this morning, my 5 year old says he’s found something outside, which turned out to be a large dead rat, around 6 or 7m from the trap location.  And the counter said 2 (I set it off once myself to see if it was going) So after nearly 4 months using this trap, I’ve caught my first verified rat!

It’ll be interesting to see if I catch any more at this location or if I’ll have to move it.

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