Mike McDonald and Melissa McDonald – Fur Baby

Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants still owes me a lot of money.  Over $35,000 in fact.  This is for unpaid rent, outgoings etc. for premises he leased for 6 years but vacated 2 years in.

I’m in the process of bankrupting him.

He has been under investigation for misappropriating his clients funds.   The IRD have also been looking into his affairs as there are allegations that he has misappropriated funds to be used to pay taxes on his clients behalf.

I see his wife, Melissa McDonald has started a home based online business called Fur Baby.  The website lists pet related products for sale.  The link is www.furbaby.co.nz/They also have a FaceBook page:www.facebook.com/Furbabynz

I’d be very careful in dealing with either of these two people.  Melissa McDonald is not Mike McDonald, but she is his wife, so very close in other words.

So I’m not saying anyone would lose any money or anything via Melissa McDonald or Fur Baby, but I myself would choose a different pet products supplier.  I wouldn’t want to associate with anyone who is married to a person who owes money all over town and has refused to repay it.

Melissa sounds like someone who genuinely loves animals.  She’s even volunteered at the SPCA as I have.  I’m a supporter of a couple of animal charities in fact.  Pity she’s married to a guy who does the things he does.

I have judgement against Mike McDonald in the Disputes Tribunal and this will be enforced shortly.

Auckland Transport Take the Cake. Then the Biscuits, the Drink…

Read this article in NBR today: Auckland Transport takes up the parking challenge.

So what of course a headline like that normally means is that Auckland Transport are looking to make some more money, and are in the process of figuring out how to screw the public out of more their cash – without upsetting the apple cart to the extent that there would be a public backlash.

So I started reading it but then I had to read this 3 times to be sure I was reading it correctly:

“The draft discussion paper suggests possible parking levies being imposed on private car park building providers as a revenue-generating mechanism to help fund public transport initiatives.”

So not only are they going to charge shitloads for their own car parks, they think they might like to start charging revenue on privately owned car parks as well?

Well imagine having a business like this: You don’t have to own property or anything, you just charge rent on it anyway!  But surely you can’t do that you say.  And you may be right, but that doesn’t stop them from trying!

Readers of this blog may recall Auckland Transport tried to take the balconies on my property at Papakura and lease them back to me.  Yep, just annex a bit of my property and then generously lease them back to me.  What a great bunch of guys.

So if we’re not careful, Auckland Transport will try to levy private car park owners in the Auckland CBD, and then presumably roll that out over all of Auckland.

Oh well, one way of driving people out of the CBD I guess.

Government Creates Inflation, then Stops it by Whacking Us!

Every now and then, Weekend at Bernies, as I like to call him, gets something right.  And he’s bang on with this week’s column:

Bernard Hickey: Rates and power bills to blame

5:00 AM Sunday Aug 17, 2014
Huntly Thermal Power Station. Photo / NZPA
Huntly Thermal Power Station. Photo / NZPA

Local governments and electricity companies are to blame for New Zealand’s inflation rate being much higher than it should have been for the past 10 years.

They have raised their prices between 5 and 8 per cent each year for the past decade, despite being semi-regulated and mostly publicly owned.

Although the rates have trended down since 2004, they are still much higher than the Reserve Bank’s 1 to 3 per cent inflation target. And that persistent inflation has acted like a type of plaque in the arteries of the economy, putting up its blood pressure of inflation, interest rates and the exchange rate.

Rest of Article

The electricity companies raise their prices so that they can pay a big dividend to the government…

And councils, well councils are just known for over spending other people’s money.  They have been doing it since time began.

Some Common Sense Articles on Earthquake Risk from Buildings

The government (via the now disgraced Maurice Williamson) totally over reacted with the law they’re putting into place which will require owners of older buildings to spend billions upgrading their buildings for negligible benefit.

The Herald has some good articles outlining the senselessness of this approach.




Even the experts like GNS Science and the engineering institutions say the risk in Auckland is basically zero:

Auckland Council’s submission included a report from GNS Science, which described the risk of death from an earthquake in the city as negligible. It said the estimated number of deaths was also virtually the same whether or not the city’s supposedly earthquake-prone buildings were strengthened to the 34 per cent standard. To put the risk in perspective, the council added that in the 10,000 year period between major earthquakes, the city could expect to deal with four Japan-sized tsunamis, 10 volcanic eruptions and thousands of floods.

GNS’ own submission said the blanket standard grossly underestimated the real ability of buildings to survive an earthquake. It pointed out that nearly all the older (pre-1976) buildings left standing after the Christchurch earthquakes would have failed the 34 per cent test.

GNS also argued that despite the allowance for local seismic risk, the scales were still weighted against low risk areas because of an earlier change in the earthquake design standard, which effectively meant Auckland had to be ready for a 1-in-1000 year earthquake, compared to 1-in-500 years for Wellington. The cost difference was minor for new buildings, which the standard was intended for, but became excessive for an owner trying to retrofit an old building.

Oh well, hopefully some of the people in charge of this will see that the law is indeed an ass.

A24 Rat Trap

For years we’ve known there are heaps of rats in the bush around our house in West Auckland.  Our cat has caught about 2 rats a month for the past 7-8 months.

So I’ve bought one of these:

Its a rat/mice/stoat trap from GoodNature.

It is powered by the silver CO2 cannister you can see pointing down on the left hand side.

The rodent is attracted by bait that is in paste form and sits under the black cylindrical shaped bit at the top on the right hand side.

The rodent pokes their head up in there to get more bait and gets humanely whacked by a piston.  The carcass drops to the ground and the trap resets.  They’re good for about 24 kills.

I’ll post updates here as to how and what I manage to ‘catch’.

$2 million to Put Together a Syndicate

If you’ve got rocks in your head you may be considering the offer on the Telecom (soon to be Spark) building in Auckland.

You don’t have to look very hard to see who is making the real money on deals like this:


Augusta launches a king sized syndicate with princely fees to match

Posted in Property July 31, 2014 – 05:24pm, Greg Ninness

The Telecom building being syndicated by Augusta

NZX-listed Augusta Capital (though its subsidiary Augusta Funds Management) has launched its latest property syndicate and it’s a whopper.

Augusta is seeking to raise $39 million from investors to put together a syndicate which will acquire one of the three buildings that form Telecom’s head office complex on Victoria St in Auckland’s CBD.

Augusta Funds Management will receive an eye watering $2.02 million as an offeror’s fee for setting up the scheme.