Papakura Business Association – Not!

I own a commercial property in Papakura,  and that property gets levied approx $12000 per annum in council rates, of which approximately $1200 is a targeted rate that goes to the Papakura Business Association.

So along with all the other properties in the Papakura CBD area, the total rates taken from property owners and handed over to the Papakura Business Association is approximately $170,000.00 per annum.

This has been done for 3 years now.  So that’s a bit over $500,000.00.  And what has been achieved in this time? Well almost nothing.

There have been meetings, a few Santa parades etc.  But basically that half a million dollars has been frittered away and nothing concrete has been achieved.

There isn’t even a website!

When this was put to the Papakura Business Association convenor recently, she resigned.

Hopefully now things will start to move along and our money will either be returned to us or Papakura will start to hum.

I prefer the latter, but will take the former rather than see any more money frittered away.