Auckland Council up to it’s Old Tricks

Some things never change, even when they are in fact supposed to be in the process of change.

The government is trying quite hard to get Auckland Council to open up land so that more houses can be built.  But Auckland Council are of course not happy with this because it goes against their high minded ideals.

So they’re trying to screw developers as per this story from WhaleOil.

The culprits are Auckland Council’s City Transformation Team (CTT) – who are charged with brokering deals to get development to happen including arranging infrastructure and implementing Council ambitions that will hopefully regenerate parts of Auckland.  


In another world these would be laudable objectives.

The CTT really are Council’s henchmen – carrying out the dirty job of extorting freebies out of developers using infrastructure as the incentive.

Yep this is just what I have found in the past.  Councils talk about wanting more development in their areas, more jobs and so on.  And they have staff employed to do this.

But what they do is the reverse, they do everything they can to stop development, new businesses etc.

Glad I’m not developing right now.

Sanity Prevails

So this morning there was a mini-hearing into whether there would be a rehearing at the Disputes Tribunal into the judgement against Mike McDonald (formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants).

I had to reread that sentence several times to make sure it made sense!

So, to explain, as per the last post, I got judgement back in late November 2013 against Mike McDonald.  He waited for nearly the maximum time and then applied for a rehearing.

He was arguing that there was no dispute, while disputing absolutely everything he could.  So this did nothing but get him nearly 4 months breathing space.  Today the referee ruled that the original decision stood.

But this was what he was after, a delay.  It’s taken around 7 months to get to this point.

But now things can move on…