Just had a call from the chairman of the Manurewa/Papakura local board.  Their was a meeting this afternoon, with him, his deputy and the 2 highest officials in the resource consents area in Auckland, the Resource Consents Manager and the Southern Area Resource Consents Manager.


I am just waiting for confirmation of this in writing from the Southern Area Resource Consents Manager.  I am supposed to get an email this afternoon, but it will probably be next week.

So this is a huge part of the battle won!  It’s not the whole thing won, because Auckland Transport still want their lease(s).  But that is a secondary battle to have.  I firstly needed to get the clause removed from the resource consent and then the second thing is to argue about the necessity of a lease and the terms of such.

And of course I’ll be fighting for terms that suit me.  Which will basically be unlimited use, at no cost, in perpetuity!  So I’ll keep everyone updated about that.


Edit: I know have the decision in writing from the Southern Area Resource Consents Manager.  It’s quite good in that he is instructing staff to remove that problematic clause but he goes on to say the leases are still required etc.  So, as stated above, that is part 2 and I’ll be responding to that next week !

For Shame

It’s this sort of thing that gives property investors and developers a bad name:


Rich-listers deny they’re profiting from the elderly

By Natalie Akoorie

Phillippa Waters says she stands to lose $82,000 from the sale of her late mother's house. Photo / Christine Cornege

Phillippa Waters says she stands to lose $82,000 from the sale of her late mother’s house. Photo / Christine Cornege

One of New Zealand’s richest families have denied they are profiting from the elderly in a move which could net them more than $5 million.

A group of pensioners at Perrinpark near Hamilton are fighting the Perry Foundation, a charitable trust and owner of Te Kowhai retirement village, over freeholding of land.

The Perry Foundation’s trustees include members of the Waikato’s Perry family, ranked 47 on the National Business Review Rich List.

Rest of Article

If you believe the article,then, a wealthy family has unit titled an old folks home and is basically using that to take the land value off the residents’ property values.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when you have to make money by nicking it off of old people.