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I have a small commercial/residential property in Papakura, Auckland.  I was just reflecting on how much is going on there right now:

1) There are 48 townhouses being built around 550m from the CBD.  19 in stage one, being done now.  Corner of Ray Small Drive and Elliot St.  Here’s a picture off of the signboard on the property.  Try and ignore the graffiti :
Elliot Mews

2) They are working on the old Warehouse site to turn it into a medical centre now:
The Warehouse
3) There’s a few apartment developments around the town you probably won’t be aware of:
  • These ones have just been completed and are very close to the subject property.  The guys who did these are doing more just down from the current property on the Great South Road, across the road from the Warehouse – in the medical centre building.  So the medical centre people are moving out and across the road to the Warehouse site.​

Stanley Building

  • There are 11 planned just up and across the road from my building, above the Post Office.  Resource consent granted, construction not started.:

138 Great South Road, Papakura

  • 12 are being built (Nearly finished) in Railway St West.  I don’t have a photo of these, but they’re of very good quality.  Approximately 1km from the centre of CBD.
  • I think there are 4 being built in Wood St.  But haven’t seen this, just been told by an agent.

So anyway, I was listening to something on the radio the other day about the revival of run-down towns in the US and the key they said, was to get people living there.  Then the rest would come e.g. restaurants, cafes, shops etc, people feel safer at night and so on.


So I think this may happen to Papakura, but it won’t happen overnight, might take a few years.

Mike McDonald Bankrupted

Mike McDonald was bankrupted in the high court this morning.

At long last.

He’s ducked and dived and managed to string things out for a long time but I’ve managed to catch up with him now.

Of course I would have rather had the $35 to $40k he owes me, but when someone refuses to pay, what do you do?

So that finishes this process.

However the Serious Fraud Office are still investigating him, so it will be interesting to see if anything happens there.

And of course, don’t deal with him!

Things Get Really Serious for Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants, is being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office!

How do I know this? Well for some time the police at Manukau city Financial Fraud Team have been looking into his affairs.  I rang the officer involved a few weeks back to ask if the police were still investigating him.  He said the matter had been referred to the SFO.

So I rang the SFO and someone got back to me to say yes they are investigating him.  That person couldn’t give me any details (understandable) and asked me not to blog about it for 2-3 weeks.  Which I was happy to do since I don’t want to hurt their investigation in any way.

So there we are, this guys is seriously bad news.  According to the SFO website:

– Multi-victim investment fraud
– Fraud involving those in important positions of trust (e.g. lawyers)
– Matters of bribery and corruption
– Any other case that could significantly damage New Zealand’s reputation for fair and free  financial markets minus corruption.

So I would say it would be fair to say Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants, is in a fair bit of trouble.  Of course, innocent until proven guilty, but these guys don’t usually muck around on cases where any alleged offending isn’t of a provable nature.

Time will tell where all of this goes and what, if any crimes have been committed and what, if any charges/convictions will be made.

Mike McDonald and Melissa McDonald – Fur Baby

Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants still owes me a lot of money.  Over $35,000 in fact.  This is for unpaid rent, outgoings etc. for premises he leased for 6 years but vacated 2 years in.

I’m in the process of bankrupting him.

He has been under investigation for misappropriating his clients funds.   The IRD have also been looking into his affairs as there are allegations that he has misappropriated funds to be used to pay taxes on his clients behalf.

I see his wife, Melissa McDonald has started a home based online business called Fur Baby.  The website lists pet related products for sale.  The link is also have a FaceBook

I’d be very careful in dealing with either of these two people.  Melissa McDonald is not Mike McDonald, but she is his wife, so very close in other words.

So I’m not saying anyone would lose any money or anything via Melissa McDonald or Fur Baby, but I myself would choose a different pet products supplier.  I wouldn’t want to associate with anyone who is married to a person who owes money all over town and has refused to repay it.

Melissa sounds like someone who genuinely loves animals.  She’s even volunteered at the SPCA as I have.  I’m a supporter of a couple of animal charities in fact.  Pity she’s married to a guy who does the things he does.

I have judgement against Mike McDonald in the Disputes Tribunal and this will be enforced shortly.

Papakura Business Association – Not!

I own a commercial property in Papakura,  and that property gets levied approx $12000 per annum in council rates, of which approximately $1200 is a targeted rate that goes to the Papakura Business Association.

So along with all the other properties in the Papakura CBD area, the total rates taken from property owners and handed over to the Papakura Business Association is approximately $170,000.00 per annum.

This has been done for 3 years now.  So that’s a bit over $500,000.00.  And what has been achieved in this time? Well almost nothing.

There have been meetings, a few Santa parades etc.  But basically that half a million dollars has been frittered away and nothing concrete has been achieved.

There isn’t even a website!

When this was put to the Papakura Business Association convenor recently, she resigned.

Hopefully now things will start to move along and our money will either be returned to us or Papakura will start to hum.

I prefer the latter, but will take the former rather than see any more money frittered away.


Sanity Prevails

So this morning there was a mini-hearing into whether there would be a rehearing at the Disputes Tribunal into the judgement against Mike McDonald (formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants).

I had to reread that sentence several times to make sure it made sense!

So, to explain, as per the last post, I got judgement back in late November 2013 against Mike McDonald.  He waited for nearly the maximum time and then applied for a rehearing.

He was arguing that there was no dispute, while disputing absolutely everything he could.  So this did nothing but get him nearly 4 months breathing space.  Today the referee ruled that the original decision stood.

But this was what he was after, a delay.  It’s taken around 7 months to get to this point.

But now things can move on…

Another Veranda Story!

Ages ago I had a lot of trouble with the council and the issue of verandas.  Specifically, whether you can built a balcony into a veranda or not.  And if you do, do you have to then lease airspace off the council  I was told I had to, but managed to fight it off.

This story:

Man pays $420 for permission to not build veranda



Last updated 05:00 26/03/2014
RIDICULOUS: Lumsden business owner Rob Scott is frustrated he had to apply for consent not to build a veranda outside the town’s old bank, which he is converting into a cafe.

A rule in the Southland District Plan is ridiculous and defies common sense, a Lumsden business owner says.

Rob Scott bought the Lumsden bank to convert it into a cafe, but has become frustrated by a rule in the District Plan that has resulted in him paying $420 for permission not to build a veranda.

The Southland District Plan says any building used for a commercial activity must have a veranda that extends across the entire road frontage.

If a building owner wants to be exempt from the rule, the matter is dealt with as a discretionary activity, requiring public notification to allow the community view to be considered.

Scott’s application for building consent for the alterations was noticed by the Southland District Council’s town planning department, which asked him to get a resource consent because the building did not have a veranda.

However, he maintains it was an unnecessary cost for someone taking a risk by investing in a small rural town.

“I’d definitely like to see [the rule] changed. I can see the logic if you’re adding a new building in a town where all the shops on the main street have verandas, but this building has been here for 60 years and never had one.”

When he filed the application, he paid a processing fee of $675, but was told by council staff he would be partially refunded.

His final bill came to $420, he said.

Sounded eerily familiar.  And it’s, in  a nutshell, what is wrong with this country.  A guy wants to start a business, so the council sees fit to TAX him for the privelige.  He gets nothing out of it, the council get nothing out of it except money and a bit of control.  And that is of course why they do it.

This part, where they explaind their charges:

A report from resource management manager Simon Moran says the 3.5 hours was made up of 15 minutes for a customer service officer to process the application, half an hour for a manager to conduct the original assessment and assignment of the consent, discuss the consent with a processing planner, and check the final draft, and 2.75 hours for a planner to assess whether further information was required, liaise with staff to identify a way to grant the consent because there was limited information and no consideration of the plan requirements, and capture resource consent information in the database to enable reporting and consent tracking.

Is just like a piece of comedic writing isn’t it?  How did they write this without bursting out laughing?

And the end result?

All but one of the members voted against giving Mr Scott a further refund, concerned that it would set a precedent.

Mr Moran said it was an issue with the plan requirements, rather than the amount charged for processing resource consent applications.

Committee member John Douglas abstained from voting, and said the council should be encouraging economic development.

“I don’t think an action such as this should trigger the need for resource consent.”

So they voted not to give a refund because it would set a precedent.  Yep, turn off their never ending flow of money that is.  Expose the whole charade for what it is – a money grab by the council, nothing else.

The last line is at least encouraging, at least one councillor can see that they shouldn’t be taxing those who want to set up businesses. But why only one?

There’s still a long way to go in terms of reducing council red tape and interference in people’s lives.


Mike McDonald Gets His Rehearing

Mike McDonald (formerly of McDonald & Co. accountants) is a slippery one.

As per my last post on this issue, Mike McDonald applied for a rehearing on the 16th December 2013 for a decision on 28th November 2013.  The rehearing is scheduled for 10th April 2014.

So he’s bought himself over 4 months of time for no reason at all.  He’s been given a rehearing on a point that has already been ruled upon – against him.

So I’d have to say the Disputes Tribunal is fairly useless for chasing debtors.  They seem to bend over backwards for those wanting to evade debts.

But, oh well, I’m not going away, the debt is not going away, the interest is just mounting up and up.  He owes over $33k now.

So, of course, don’t deal with Mike McDonald,  formerly of McDonald & Co. accountants and based in South Auckland.

Mike McDonald Delays Again

Mike McDonald (formerly of McDonald & Co. accountants) is very good at playing the system.

I got judgement against him back in November but he waited nearly the maximum time and lodged an application for a rehearing.

Due to the Christmas break, and the court staff being pretty hopeless, I have only received notice of this today.  So he’s managed to delay things by over 2 months.

But, well, this is just the game and I’ll play the game.  I’m not going away and I’m not giving up.  I’ll just carry on and I’ll either get paid by this turkey or I’ll bankrupt him.

And frankly I don’t care which one it is.

So this guy can duck and dive as much as he likes but I’ll get him in the end.