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Mike McDonald Gets 4 Years

So it wasn’t 6 years as previously indicated to me, it is in fact 4 years in jail (Mt Eden Correctional Facility) that he has been sentenced to.

So apparently he will be eligible for parole in 1/3 of that, with time served counting.

Here’s a link to the Herald article about it:

This is what he did:

McDonald had been a registered tax agent since 2002. Between 2007 and 2013, he failed to pay client tax money to Inland Revenue, and filed about 250 false GST and income tax returns either to get money from IRD or to keep client funds. McDonald also made false entries in one client’s financial statements to conceal his offending.

Mike McDonald May be Getting 6 Years!

Well I spoke to someone today who told me the sentence indication Mike McDonald got was 6 years!  This is much longer than I would have thought.  Good job of course.

We’ll have to wait until December 15th 2016 to find out exactly what the sentence is, but it may well be 6 years with some conditions added like a minimum non-parole period.

So he wont’ be in jail for 6 years – they never serve the full term, but will be for 2 or 3 or so.  Which is still pretty decent.

Mike McDonald Goes to Jail!

Mike McDonald (formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants) is now in custody. He was due to be sentenced today. But because of various technical issues, this will be delayed until 15th December.
But he will be behind bars until at least then, and then hopefully much longer.
Been 3 years since this guy got found to be pinching people’s money (mostly not forwarding client’s taxes to the IRD). Over $1 million.
So good to see him finally behind bars!  Hopefully he stays there for a good long while.

Mike McDonald Pleads Guilty

The Herald Reports:

Tax agent pleads guilty to keeping client money

A former tax agent who didn’t pay his clients’ tax to the Inland Revenue Department and falsified 250 GST and income tax returns in order to keep client money has pleaded guilty to fraud charges.

In the Manukau District Court last Friday, Michael McDonald pleaded guilty to four charges of theft by a person in a special relationship, 13 charges of dishonestly using a document, and one charge of false accounting, the Serious Fraud Office, which prosecuted the case, said in a statement.

McDonald became a registered tax agent in 2002. Between 2007 and 2013, he took money from clients to pay their taxes but kept it himself, filed 250 false GST and income tax returns either to get money from Inland Revenue or to keep client funds he wasn’t entitled to, and made false entries in one client’s financial statements in an attempt to hide his theft.


I’m actually quite surprised by this.  Michael Robert McDonald (calls himself Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants) has pleaded guilty.

This wanker has ducked and dived the whole time since it became clear he was pinching people’s money.

While I went through the bankruptcy process, he delayed things a lot, told anyone who would listen that I was the bad guy (even making allegations that I followed his wife in my car, harassed his family and so on.  All of which is complete nonsense.)

And now we see he has admitted to being a thief and a liar.  Of over $700,000 from the IRD (i.e. NZ taxpayer), his clients, me and a bunch of other people.

A bit of background around this: The way the system seems to work is that the Justice Dept and others seek to avoid having a trial whenever they can.  I can only assume this is because of the cost, time and hassle (and lack of resources) to do so.

So they give the defendant an indication of what kind of sentence they might receive if they plead guilty.  Hoping that if they plead guilty, they’ll avoid the necessity for a trial.

And I guess to get this deal accepted, they offer a pretty cushy sentence.  With the threat that if they go to trial and the crown wins,  then you get a harsher sentence.

So I’m imagining that his sentence will be quite light, but you never know.

Sentencing is set down for 21st October 2016.

Mike McDonald in Court

So finally the Serious Fraud Office has charged Mike McDonald and he’s appeared in court:


Tax agent appears in court on fraud charges


The Serious Fraud Office has charged a tax agent with 18 counts of fraud, who was remanded on bail at the Manukau District Court.


The Serious Fraud Office has charged a tax agent with 18 counts of fraud, who was remanded on bail at the Manukau District Court.


A tax agent facing 18 charges laid by the Serious Fraud Office has appeared in the Manukau District Court.

Michael Robert McDonald, 40, has been a registered tax agent since 2002 and faced four charges of theft by a person in a special relationship, 13 charges of dishonestly using a document and one charge of false accounting.

In his role as a tax agent, McDonald filed GST, PAYE and income tax returns on behalf of clients and their related entities.

He was alleged between 2007 and 2013 to have received money from some of his clients for the purposes of paying tax but failed to forward the money to the Inland Revenue Department. 

He also allegedly filed about 250 false GST and income tax returns to receive money from Inland Revenue or to retain client funds that he was not entitled to.

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has also charged McDonald for allegedly making false entries in one of his client’s financial statements in order to hide his offending.

McDonald was remanded on bail without plea and his next appearance was set down for December 11.

SFO director Julie Read said the misuse of money by professional advisers was a breach of professional standards and undermined the confidence of the community.

“New Zealanders need to rely on experts when dealing with complex financial matters and it is critical that such professionals demonstrate that they are worthy of the trust placed in them,” she said.

 – Stuff



So good to see this happening.  Will be interesting to see what happens to him.

Mike McDonald Owes $695,000

I got a credit report from the Insolvency and Trustee Service regarding the amounts Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants, owes to various creditors.

And the total is a whopping $695,000!  Nearly $400k of this is owed to the IRD and the rest to a number of creditors including me.

There’d be some that aren’t even registered too I bet.  The amount I’m owed is much greater than what is shown for me too, so who knows how much this guy has actually ripped people off for.

So of course none of us will get paid.  Just hope this turkey gets punished in some way for what he’s done.

Mike McDonald Bankrupted

Mike McDonald was bankrupted in the high court this morning.

At long last.

He’s ducked and dived and managed to string things out for a long time but I’ve managed to catch up with him now.

Of course I would have rather had the $35 to $40k he owes me, but when someone refuses to pay, what do you do?

So that finishes this process.

However the Serious Fraud Office are still investigating him, so it will be interesting to see if anything happens there.

And of course, don’t deal with him!

Things Get Really Serious for Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants, is being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office!

How do I know this? Well for some time the police at Manukau city Financial Fraud Team have been looking into his affairs.  I rang the officer involved a few weeks back to ask if the police were still investigating him.  He said the matter had been referred to the SFO.

So I rang the SFO and someone got back to me to say yes they are investigating him.  That person couldn’t give me any details (understandable) and asked me not to blog about it for 2-3 weeks.  Which I was happy to do since I don’t want to hurt their investigation in any way.

So there we are, this guys is seriously bad news.  According to the SFO website:

– Multi-victim investment fraud
– Fraud involving those in important positions of trust (e.g. lawyers)
– Matters of bribery and corruption
– Any other case that could significantly damage New Zealand’s reputation for fair and free  financial markets minus corruption.

So I would say it would be fair to say Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants, is in a fair bit of trouble.  Of course, innocent until proven guilty, but these guys don’t usually muck around on cases where any alleged offending isn’t of a provable nature.

Time will tell where all of this goes and what, if any crimes have been committed and what, if any charges/convictions will be made.

Mike McDonald and Melissa McDonald – Fur Baby

Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants still owes me a lot of money.  Over $35,000 in fact.  This is for unpaid rent, outgoings etc. for premises he leased for 6 years but vacated 2 years in.

I’m in the process of bankrupting him.

He has been under investigation for misappropriating his clients funds.   The IRD have also been looking into his affairs as there are allegations that he has misappropriated funds to be used to pay taxes on his clients behalf.

I see his wife, Melissa McDonald has started a home based online business called Fur Baby.  The website lists pet related products for sale.  The link is also have a FaceBook

I’d be very careful in dealing with either of these two people.  Melissa McDonald is not Mike McDonald, but she is his wife, so very close in other words.

So I’m not saying anyone would lose any money or anything via Melissa McDonald or Fur Baby, but I myself would choose a different pet products supplier.  I wouldn’t want to associate with anyone who is married to a person who owes money all over town and has refused to repay it.

Melissa sounds like someone who genuinely loves animals.  She’s even volunteered at the SPCA as I have.  I’m a supporter of a couple of animal charities in fact.  Pity she’s married to a guy who does the things he does.

I have judgement against Mike McDonald in the Disputes Tribunal and this will be enforced shortly.

Sanity Prevails

So this morning there was a mini-hearing into whether there would be a rehearing at the Disputes Tribunal into the judgement against Mike McDonald (formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants).

I had to reread that sentence several times to make sure it made sense!

So, to explain, as per the last post, I got judgement back in late November 2013 against Mike McDonald.  He waited for nearly the maximum time and then applied for a rehearing.

He was arguing that there was no dispute, while disputing absolutely everything he could.  So this did nothing but get him nearly 4 months breathing space.  Today the referee ruled that the original decision stood.

But this was what he was after, a delay.  It’s taken around 7 months to get to this point.

But now things can move on…