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Want Faster Broadband? Change Your Jackpoints

Over the last few years we’ve been getting a download speed of around 5 Mbps at home here, we myself and my wife work.

And then a friend told me about VDSL, which is much better than ADSL in that they promise 15 Mbps download speed and you may get up to 30.  Unfortunately this is not available in my area, so that’s not an option.

But Telecom tested the line and said we should be getting around 9 Mbps or so.  And they gave me the usual list of things to check like filters etc.   And then they said if those things were ok, then it could be a jackpoint problem.  And my friend had also said that he changed the jackpoints in his house some years ago and got a noticeable speedup.  So this was 2 lots telling me that changing the jackpoints would help, so I set about doing it.

I went down to the local electrical wholesalers and they provided me with good quality phone jacks, initially I needed around 5.  I was very lucky in that while I was at the wholesalers, I recognised an electrician who had done some work for me years ago and so I got chatting to him.  The guy behind the counter put all the bits through for me at trade which makes a HUGE difference.  The recessed jackpoints (PDL 617BT2) sell for $34.78 incl GST trade, and over $50 retail!  So I saved a fair bit there.

Our house is over 3 levels, has been built over time with 4 major builds from ’93-95 to 2009 or so.  And there are no decent ceilings anywhere, so getting access to wires is basically impossible.  Turns out we have 8 jackpoints, I found a few extras behind furniture etc.  And all the wiring is just an absolute mess, right from where it comes into the house and throughout the house too.  Here’s a shot of one jackpoint:



Messy Jackpoint

Yep that’s 4 cables coming outof the wall on the 3rd level – the cable comes into the house in the ground level.  And there was one other like this.

So I was very nervous about changing all of this.  But I did, I just replaced every jackpoint and eventually when it was all done, my broadband speed went from around 5 Mbps to 7.7 Mbps.  So thats a bit increase.

It cost around $150 and took maybe 6 hours of my time but I imagine it would be much cheaper and easier for a smaller house with less jackpoints, cables etc.

So there you go, if you want faster brodband, just make sure you have the latest good quality jackpoints (don’t buy cheap no name brands).

They only run on 2 wires each (usually red and white) these days so they’re much simpler and for some reason faster!