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Some Commonsense Needs to be Brought to this Issue

Road toll heading back to the bad old days despite best efforts of police


Some quotes from the article.

“The most immediate part of the solution relies on driver responsibility,” Greally said.


Road safety campaigner Clive Matthew-Wilson said the Government’s strategies were failing because they were targeting the wrong areas. 

“The police managed to convince everyone that lowering the speed tolerance and making it harder to get a licence was going to solve everything. In fact, it clearly hasn’t worked.”

About 80 per cent of fatal crashes occurred at speeds below the legal limit, and almost everyone who caused them had no regard for the law anyway, Matthew-Wilson said.

“Therefore, to target the average driver was never going to work, because the average driver was never the problem.”

And I agree.


Manurewa was where I grew up, so hate reading stuff like this:

Motorist carjacked at gunpoint

3:57 PM Sunday Feb 2, 2014
File photo / APN

File photo / APN

Do you know more? Contact the Herald here.

A member of the public was carjacked at gunpoint after a police pursuit in south Auckland this afternoon.

A police spokeswoman said the incident started with a police pursuit on the southern motorway, which was called off due to high speeds.

Police said the pursuit on the motorway was called off at 12.30pm due to speeds in excess of 170km/h.

The vehicle left the motorway at Manurewa, and was followed at a distance by police units.

A man was seen getting out of the car with a firearm and pointing it at the patrol vehicle.

The man then walked to another car at the start of the line of traffic, driven by a member of the public, and forced them to drive him to an address in Takanini.


When it Comes to Traffic Issues, NZ Police are Liars

On this blog I’ve railed against the stupid policies of the Police when fining drivers going marginally over the speeding limit.

Because all they’re doing is alienating the NZ public whom they need to be on their side when the sh*t hits the fan.

And we saw this the other day when 12 people stood around and watched a woman get attacked by a male.  They didn’t intervene.  And with good reason.  If they had, they would have been charged by the Police and ended up with a conviction against their name.

But also because the huge manpower utilised in ticketing drivers doing 55 km/hr or 105 km/hr could be better spent elsewhere, like you know, catching rapists, murderers, people breaking into cars and houses etc.  These people know they have a pretty free time of it – as long as they don’t speed to or from their crimes that is!

And now we see the Police actively lying to further push their ‘road safety’ (read money making and control inducing) campaign. Link.

Police admit being wrong over truckie


Police have admitted a truck driver was wrongly blamed for causing a crash featured in a road safety campaign.

The driver was not on his mobile phone, as claimed in a caption over the video footage of the accident.

The video was published online at the weekend and features real footage of crashes on New Zealand roads.

One shows a car clip the front of a truck as it begins to merge lanes, then hit a car driven by former police officer Simon Cathcart. Mr Cathcart’s car is then shunted into the path of the truck, causing it to barrel-roll.

The words “This truck driver was on his phone” flash over the screen seconds before the clip of the horror crash – but police now concede the driver was not on his phone at all.

“There was a simple misunderstanding over the information supplied with the video, which led to the wrong caption being used. We can confirm there was no mobile phone involved,” a police statement said.

Well I’m sure they intentionally lied about this for 2 reasons: 1) To keep ramming home their message that cellphones are the most dangerous things since the Big Bang – which allows them to keep fining people – which is big money to the Police and 2) Because they were fairly sure they’d get away with it.

Shame on the NZ Police!

Update: Some Karma, but really just goes to show what a stupid inescapable system it is.


Time to Make Some More Money

The Police bosses just love holidays, it’s money gathering time:

Police reduce speed tolerance to avoid Labour Weekend carnage

By Nikki Preston

5:30 AM Friday Oct 19, 2012

Police will be watching motorists closely this Labour Weekend in a move to reduce the worrying road toll, which is eight deaths higher than this time last year.

Police are targeting people who are not following at safe distances and the speed tolerance of 4km/h either side of the speed limit is being enforced again for the long weekend.

Rest of Article

It’s all done in the name of safety, but that’s just BS, it’s all about the mula.

NZ Police Back Down – Or Do They?

This from Stuff

Police ease back on speed tolerance


Last updated 05:00 10/02/2012

Police have pulled the handbrake on suggestions they were “seriously considering” slashing the 10kmh tolerance for drivers.

However, they have stopped short of performing a complete U-turn by saying the door will remain open for change.

Acting Superintendent Rob Morgan told The Dominion Post on Wednesday that a permanent drop in the tolerance was on the cards, after a reduction to 4kmh for the rest of this month.

“At the end of February we will consider the outcomes and, if the analysis supports it, we will consider further long periods or even permanent lowering [of] the tolerance,” he said.

But yesterday, Acting Assistant Commissioner of Operations Andy McGregor said: “There is no consideration of making this a permanent reduced tolerance.”

Later in the day, however, he conceded the door was still open for a change.


Read the article on Stuff for the rest of it.  But basically what this says to me is that they really want to lower the speed tolerance, but it’s unacceptable to the public right now, so they’ll just kind of put it on the back burner for now.

I reckon they’ll try this again in 6 to 12 months.

They say the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

And the Revenue Gathering Gravy Train Rolls On

So the NZ Police want to have the usual 10 km/h speeding tolerance permanently lowered to 4 km/h.

See this article.

They do this over holiday periods and say it helps keep the road toll down (despite the very clear evidence to the contrary) and so now of course it should be permanently in place.

So it’s all about saftey? And not at all about raking in wads of cash from hapless motorists?

Well I don’t buy that for a second, and nor does anyone else with half a brain.  And if the NZ Police don’t take the NZ Public with them on this, they’ll rue the day they decided to impose this lowered tolerance.

The backlash against the Police is already evident. People are sick and tired of being turned into criminals over very small speed increases on downhill sections of safe roads.

And the NZ Police already wrote out twice as many speeding tickets in 2011 as they did in 2012.  Are they hoping to double them again this year? And every year?

Well if they do, they can expect a strong response from the public.

Interesting Article with Gerald Celente

I was reading this article today.

It’s about a guy called Gerald Celente who is well know in financial circles, and how he lost a whole lot of money in the MF Global meltdown.  They basically went into his account (which was a cash account) and took the money!

Anyway, this bit was pretty relevant to my post on the revenue gathering activities of the NZ Police a couple of days ago:

Gerald:  I know. As I’m saying the whole system is corrupt from top to bottom. All you have to do is look at the facts. I just got a ticket. I didn’t obey a stop sign and I have been driving for almost 50 years with no violations. So I get written up for $160. $160 for not obeying the stop sign. And this kid, 22 year old perfect little Nazi, I said to him, can I talk off the record here a little bit after I get this ticket. I said this is a lot of bologna. You are breaking people like me for this. I’m fortunate I can afford this. There was a time in my life when I couldn’t. How about all of these people where that kind of money means putting food on the table? And that is all this country has become. And the police should be ashamed of themselves some of these police. The violence that they are using to break up peaceful protestors. They got enough body armor to walk through the battle of the bulge unscathed and look what they do they protect Wall Street. They protect Wall Street. They become nothing more than enforcers for the criminal financial crime bosses and their enablers, the politicians. Look at the scandal that just came out—that continues to come in and out of the news again and again— about the insider trading that goes on throughout congress.

This is how I feel about getting a ticket.  It’s a lot of money for basically making a very small mistake.  And I can afford to pay $120 for my little lapse of concentration, but what about the families down the socio-economic ladder?  Who struggle to put food on the table?

These tickets should not be issued at all unless the driver was doing something really dangerous or reckless.  Otherwise it’s really just totalitarianism in my book.

NZ Police Revenue Gatherers?

Well just got caught doing 66 km/h down a hill in a 50 km/h area in Auckland.

And of course got issued the ticket.  No discretion ever gets shown these days.

And the guy was just sitting there catching car after car I imagine.

So annoying, you do everything you can to be a law abiding citizen, pay your taxes and so on and as soon as you step slightly outside the law, bam! They have you!

I read the other day that the NZ Police issued twice as many tickets in 2011 as they had in 2010.  Which shows that a) The tickets obviously aren’t working and b) They are just a revenue gathering exercise.

Oh well Happy New Year to the NZ Police.  Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you spend more time solving actual crimes, catching actual criminals than making law abiding citizens into criminals?