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Depression Claimed Him

Turns out the illness Greg King was suffering from was depression:

Defence lawyer Greg King was ‘haunted’ by crimes

Last updated 12:00 17/10/2013Defence lawyer Greg King


LEGAL MIND: Greg King during the Ewen Macdonald murder trial last year.

Top lawyer Greg King took his life, depressed, burnt-out, and haunted by the dead from the cases he had known.

Coroner Garry Evans has released his findings into the death of Mr King, 43, whose body was found on November 3, last year, in Dungarvan Rd, Newlands, Wellington, not far from his Mercedes car.

In the car was a typewritten note that began:

“To everyone: How can I explain the unexplainable?”

It said that after nearly 20 years as a defence lawyer he was burnt out, disillusioned and depressed.

“He says he is haunted by the dead from his numerous homicide cases and hates himself for what he has done,” Mr Evans said.

“He says he has been genuinely torn between doing his job and his conscience, which keeps asking him ‘Is this really what you want to do doing?'”

I’ve had my brushes with depression and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But man I’ve got to say, if you spend your life getting guilty guys off of murders and other heinous crimes, then it’s bound to leave you and a bad mental state.

People would wonder how anyone doing this for a living could sleep at night.  Well perhaps the answer is “They can’t”.

I was very interested to read this bit:

Ms Milnes-King had told the coroner her husband had a massive breakdown in June 2012 the night after delivering his closing address for Ewen Macdonald in the Scott Guy murder trial.

This tells us all something about the guilt/innocence of this guy.


Depression on the Rise

Depression is increasing in NZ and in all westernised countries.  No one is sure why.  But there are many theories.

In NZ, over 500 people a year take their own lives, many of them depression sufferers.  And it’s such a hard thing to understand if you haven’t had it.  And it can be very tricky and complex to treat.


People look well, so understandably, others around them tell them to ‘harden up’ or ‘just get on with it’, but of course this is less than helpful.  These people can’t just put on a smiley face and head out into the world.  Believe me, they want to, but they can’t.

And it’s costing our country a lot of money too…

Depression our big worry

By Kirsty Wynn

5:30 AM Sunday Oct 30, 2011
It's not been easy, but Veronica Linfoot has recovered. Photo / Doug Sherring

It’s not been easy, but Veronica Linfoot has recovered. Photo / Doug Sherring

Depressed and anxious New Zealanders make up the two biggest groups on sickness benefits – higher than those off work for arthritis, heart disease and back injuries combined.

Blam Blam Blam’s classic 1981 song There is No Depression in New Zealand has never been more darkly ironic.

More than 20,000 people are off work for mental health reasons, including stress, according to the latest figures obtained by the Herald on Sunday.

Auckland University psychiatry professor Rob Kydd said depression was the biggest cause of illness worldwide.

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