Lars Wahlmann Pays Up

So got a phone call whilst driving in the car from Lars Wahlmann last night.

He said he hadn’t received his copy of the Disputes Tribunal judgment until Monday, (3 weeks after I got my copy? I doubt it, just another lie), was waiting on another letter from the court blah blah blah.

Said he was prepared to pay the money, but had I put the debt with BayCorp? I said I had, as I indeed had, only the day before.  I had given around a week’s notice of this.

He then said “Oh well I guess I won’t pay it then.” at which point it became clear he hadn’t rung to make payment arrangements, he’d actually rung up to try and find a way not to pay.  So I told him to “Fuck off” and hung up the phone.  I very rarely say that to anyone, but this guy just annoys the hell out of me, made several really outrageous accusations against me whilst in the DT hearing etc.

So I just didn’t feel like getting into a whole tangled debate with him again.  The judgment was made, I’ve completed my parts of it, and so he just needed to do his.

So then the mobile proceeds to ring every 5-10 mins another 5 times or so.  I just don’t take the calls.

Then last night I get an email from an admin person at FreeviewShop, the business Lars Wahlmann has now sold saying he’d paid.

And lo and behold the money is there in my bank account this morning.  So well done Lars, at least you admitted your responsibilities and paid up.  Albeit only after it was lodged with Baycorp.

So this might affect Lars’ credit history now, not sure.  Too bad if it does, he had his chances to pay but decided to try and muck me around a bit more.

I’d warn anyone against dealing with Lars Wahlmann unless you really really have to

Line Profiling in Python

For ages I tried to get Robert Kern’s line_profiler to install on my Windows 8.1, WinPython 3.3 system.

And I’ve had no luck at all.  All the instructions etc. are for ‘nix systems and so don’t make a lot of sense for Windows users.

So I downloaded and installed this profiler:  and I had it downloaded, installed and running inside of like 5 mins.

The only thing I’d like from now is to be able to run it from an IPython console, instead of a command window, which I’m sure you can do.  Still, I can get a command window inside Spyder2, the IDE I use, so I’m 99% happy.

So now I can see where time is spent on each line of any python program! Awesome.

I Love Julia

Nope, she’s not a woman, she’s a programming language!

I’ve been learning this language for a few weeks now and I’m quite enjoying it.  I’m using Windows 8.1.  Here is what I like and don’t like:


  • It runs really fast.  Julia is an interpreted language, but it runs nearly as fast as C and Fortran for most things.
  • The syntax is pretty nice.  Much nicer than C/C++ and Java.  No curly braces, type casts everywhere etc.
  • It’s free.  Anyone can download it and play with it.
  • There are a huge amount of people/resources/packages etc. behind it.  Including optimisation packages, graphs, algorithms and so on which is what I’m really interested.
  • There is a free IDE for it called Julia Studio which is pretty good actually.  It has syntax highlighting, a packaging system (which I’m just learning about today) for adding in code, and many other features.  It’s still pretty new and pretty basic but hey for free, it’s pretty bloody good actually.
  • I feel I’m on the cusp of something, like getting in early, like part of a select few who are learning about this language, part of a club, do you know what I mean?  And that’s kinda cool.
  • It’s got a profiler, which is pretty easy to use.


  • I’ve found the language quite tricky to learn.  Previous to this I’ve been programming in Python and previous to that things like C++, VB and so on.  Julia is quite different to all of these and I’ve needed a lot of help with syntax.  The online documentation is thorough except in one regard: examples – there aren’t many.
  • Julia is a new language, so the tools for it are pretty new too.  Julia Studio, by Forio is great for a free tool, but is nowhere near as flash as say Visual Studio – but then you pay thousands for that and it still has bugs.
  • Error descriptions.  Related to above, I’ll often get errors that are really cryptic, don’t give a valid line number (if using functions) and can take quite some time to work out what’s going wrong.  I often have to resort to println statements to work out where the program is going wrong.

Oh well, anyway, I’ll carry on with this and who knows where it will take me?

Disputes Tribunal Rules Against Lars Wahlmann

I’ve previously posted about Lars Wahlmann from FreeviewShop Ltd.  And how he declined to accept return of faulty goods necessitating a Disputes Tribunal application and hearing.

Well got the decision in the mail today and common sense has prevailed.

The out and out liar, Lars Wahlmann, is to pay me $470.35 and I am to return the PVR he sold me.

I’m glad the referee just ignored all the lies he made up about the case, and about me.

Be very careful in any dealings you have with this man.

Oh Man Fun and Games at the Disputes Tribunal

Recently I posted about the terrible service I’ve received from FreeViewShop.  Back in May 2014 I bought a Hyundai AH-3110 unit from them.

In that post I list all the problems I had with it.  Lars Wahlmann from FreeViewShop (although he says he’s now sold the business*, which explains a lot – such as him not wanting to give a refund for a unit he’ll be stuck with, not caring about the FreeViewShop brand etc.) turns out to be a bit of a nutter!

Like actually, not just a bit.  He’s a pathological liar!  I actually think he might have some sort of mental health disorder.

This is what happened:

1) I outline my position, which is pretty much what I originally posted here.

2) Lars Wahlmann launches into a diatribe about the various events, what he has said to me, what I’ve said to him etc.  80% of it was completely fabricated. This is what he made up (some of it prepared, some of it on the spot):

  • He said he had instructed me to do some tests on the external hard drive.  Totally untrue, if he had said this, I would have run the tests.  The thing is, the fault probably lies with this HDD and Lars stuffed up by telling me to definitely not send it back.
  • We’ve had numerous phone calls, and I was abusive to him.  In fact we had 2 phone calls and I was polite (as was he) both times.
  • I am daily checking his LinkedIn profile and this is harassment.  The truth is I looked at it once weeks and weeks ago.
  • I’ve been harassing him over the phone.  Totally untrue, never occurred.
  • I’ve followed along in my car behind his wife whilst she’s out on a run!  Unbelievable! I don’t even know where they live! I assumed it was Queenstown since that was where the business was.  So I would have had to get on a plane, hire a car, figure out when his wife (whom I have never seen -so I don’t know what she looks like) goes for a run, and then follow along behind her in some sort of threatening way.  All because the guy won’t refund $450 on a set top box!!??? The guy is a total loony!

Lars Wahlmann wasn’t able to provide a shred of evidence for any of the above allegations.  He didn’t have one email or anything else to corroborate what he was saying.  Why? Because it’s all totally fabricated, and just made up to make me look bad.

In addition to all that, my old friend Mike McDonald, whom I’ve posted on quite a lot about here, emailed Lars Wahlmann saying I’m a bully, blah blah blah.

All of this was just designed to demonise me in some way – and make me seem like some unreasonable person who harasses poor old innocent people.

Man, the lengths some people will go to, to get out of performing their legal responsibilities.

The decision from the referee will come out in the next week or so, so I’ll update once again I have that result.

In the meantime, I’d recommend not having any  business dealings whatsoever with Lars Wahlmann, he is 100% dishonest.

*Note that the FreeViewShop business may have a new owner.  If so, I have nothing against them or their business, and none of the above applies to them.


How Chinese Move Their Money

This post in the Australian Financial Review goes into some detail on how Chinese citizens have been illegally moving money out of China and into Australian property (mainly housing) assets.


Houses bought in Sydney

It’s also a fair bet that more than $1.2 million of Su’s money found its way to Australia.

The court documents hint at this. They show that the younger Su, who is thought to have studied in Australia, was paid nearly $2 million by another company associated with his father. Court documents show the younger Su was on the payroll of a trading company even though he never participated in a management meeting or had any involvement with the business.

The transcript is silent on whether this money ever came to Australia, but there’s no indication the younger Su or Qian felt ­insecure in recent years as Xi’s corruption campaign continued to arrest ever higher ranking officials.

Despite his father being officially placed under investigation in July 2011, the couple have made no attempt to disguise their ­activities.

And nor do they appear to have been short of cash.

In April last year they paid $1.35 million for a house in Killara, which has remained empty since and is now slated for ­demolition and a $500,000 rebuild.

Property records show the couple settled on this house before selling a townhouse in Breakfast Point for $2.5 million. They are also linked to a $550,000 apartment in Rhodes, which is the registered address for a company they established, and another apartment in Wolli Creek, which they appear to have bought off the plan in ­October 2010 for $400,000.

And so the question of course is, “Is this happening in NZ too?”  And I reckon it is.

Which of course raises other questions such as “What is going to be done about this, if anything?” and “Is the money train going to stop – leading to lower property values in NZ?”

I’d really be interested in readers comments on this.

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