David Henderson in the News Again

David Henderson, long time IRD battler, who had a movie made about him which I have reviewed here on the movies page, is in the news again: Link

Some time ago Rodney Hide wrote about a situation where he was having to provide information to the Official Assignee about a friend.  They wouldn’t say who it was, or why they were investigating, only that they needed information and that he had to give it.  Which he found extraordinary, of course!

So today I see the story linked to above, and Hide’s friend is David Henderson (the Christchurch one) who has had troubles with his property development business since the GFC.

The Official Assignee is chasing him over a various matters.

Funny how I take David Henderson’s side in this fight – after bankrupting Michael Robert McDonald for non payment of his debts and seeing what a fraud he is.

It will be interesting to see how both these cases proceed through the courts.

Some Commonsense Needs to be Brought to this Issue

Road toll heading back to the bad old days despite best efforts of police


Some quotes from the article.

“The most immediate part of the solution relies on driver responsibility,” Greally said.


Road safety campaigner Clive Matthew-Wilson said the Government’s strategies were failing because they were targeting the wrong areas. 

“The police managed to convince everyone that lowering the speed tolerance and making it harder to get a licence was going to solve everything. In fact, it clearly hasn’t worked.”

About 80 per cent of fatal crashes occurred at speeds below the legal limit, and almost everyone who caused them had no regard for the law anyway, Matthew-Wilson said.

“Therefore, to target the average driver was never going to work, because the average driver was never the problem.”

And I agree.


I have a small commercial/residential property in Papakura, Auckland.  I was just reflecting on how much is going on there right now:

1) There are 48 townhouses being built around 550m from the CBD.  19 in stage one, being done now.  Corner of Ray Small Drive and Elliot St.  Here’s a picture off of the signboard on the property.  Try and ignore the graffiti :
Elliot Mews

2) They are working on the old Warehouse site to turn it into a medical centre now:
The Warehouse
3) There’s a few apartment developments around the town you probably won’t be aware of:
  • These ones have just been completed and are very close to the subject property.  The guys who did these are doing more just down from the current property on the Great South Road, across the road from the Warehouse – in the medical centre building.  So the medical centre people are moving out and across the road to the Warehouse site.​

Stanley Building

  • There are 11 planned just up and across the road from my building, above the Post Office.  Resource consent granted, construction not started.:

138 Great South Road, Papakura

  • 12 are being built (Nearly finished) in Railway St West.  I don’t have a photo of these, but they’re of very good quality.  Approximately 1km from the centre of CBD.
  • I think there are 4 being built in Wood St.  But haven’t seen this, just been told by an agent.

So anyway, I was listening to something on the radio the other day about the revival of run-down towns in the US and the key they said, was to get people living there.  Then the rest would come e.g. restaurants, cafes, shops etc, people feel safer at night and so on.


So I think this may happen to Papakura, but it won’t happen overnight, might take a few years.

Mike McDonald in Court

So finally the Serious Fraud Office has charged Mike McDonald and he’s appeared in court:


Tax agent appears in court on fraud charges


The Serious Fraud Office has charged a tax agent with 18 counts of fraud, who was remanded on bail at the Manukau District Court.


The Serious Fraud Office has charged a tax agent with 18 counts of fraud, who was remanded on bail at the Manukau District Court.


A tax agent facing 18 charges laid by the Serious Fraud Office has appeared in the Manukau District Court.

Michael Robert McDonald, 40, has been a registered tax agent since 2002 and faced four charges of theft by a person in a special relationship, 13 charges of dishonestly using a document and one charge of false accounting.

In his role as a tax agent, McDonald filed GST, PAYE and income tax returns on behalf of clients and their related entities.

He was alleged between 2007 and 2013 to have received money from some of his clients for the purposes of paying tax but failed to forward the money to the Inland Revenue Department. 

He also allegedly filed about 250 false GST and income tax returns to receive money from Inland Revenue or to retain client funds that he was not entitled to.

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has also charged McDonald for allegedly making false entries in one of his client’s financial statements in order to hide his offending.

McDonald was remanded on bail without plea and his next appearance was set down for December 11.

SFO director Julie Read said the misuse of money by professional advisers was a breach of professional standards and undermined the confidence of the community.

“New Zealanders need to rely on experts when dealing with complex financial matters and it is critical that such professionals demonstrate that they are worthy of the trust placed in them,” she said.

 – Stuff



So good to see this happening.  Will be interesting to see what happens to him.

Mike McDonald Owes $695,000

I got a credit report from the Insolvency and Trustee Service regarding the amounts Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants, owes to various creditors.

And the total is a whopping $695,000!  Nearly $400k of this is owed to the IRD and the rest to a number of creditors including me.

There’d be some that aren’t even registered too I bet.  The amount I’m owed is much greater than what is shown for me too, so who knows how much this guy has actually ripped people off for.

So of course none of us will get paid.  Just hope this turkey gets punished in some way for what he’s done.

Good Article on Earthquake Prone Buildings

Ann Brower: Earthquake risk? Fix the parapets first



Ann Brower was the sole survivor of 13 people who were crushed in a bus on Colombo St during the February 22 earthquake. Photo / Martin Hunter
Ann Brower was the sole survivor of 13 people who were crushed in a bus on Colombo St during the February 22 earthquake. Photo / Martin Hunter

On February 22, 2011, I was riding a bus up Colombo Street in Christchurch, when a parapet and façade collapsed onto us. Only I survived. And I was far from unscathed.

During that Christchurch earthquake,16 people were killed on that one block of Colombo Street – and New Zealand is full of places just like Colombo Street – with masonry facades, parapets, and gables.


I agree with pretty much everything she says.  And so does everyone else in the seismic area it seems.  Just gotta get the politicians on board.

Mike McDonald Bankrupted

Mike McDonald was bankrupted in the high court this morning.

At long last.

He’s ducked and dived and managed to string things out for a long time but I’ve managed to catch up with him now.

Of course I would have rather had the $35 to $40k he owes me, but when someone refuses to pay, what do you do?

So that finishes this process.

However the Serious Fraud Office are still investigating him, so it will be interesting to see if anything happens there.

And of course, don’t deal with him!

Exercise Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight

I found this article really good.  It tallies with what I have found with exercise, eating etc.

How exercise can make you fat

Ever spent hours pounding away on a treadmill, then coming to the end of the week and finding your weight hasn’t shifted at all?

Or how about eating cake in the knowledge you’d been for a long cycle ride, yet somehow piling on the pounds? You’re not alone – or going mad. You’ve simply fallen foul of something scientists are increasingly recognising: exercise often doesn’t help you lose weight. And worse yet, there’s increasing evidence that it could even make you fatter. Just last month, in an article for the British Journal Of Sports Medicine, doctors said we have wrongly emphasised that physical activity can prevent people becoming very overweight.

The truth, they said, is that while physical activity is useful in reducing the risk of disease, it “does not promote weight loss”. That false perception, they claimed, “is rooted in the food industry’s public relations machine, which uses tactics chillingly similar to big tobacco companies – denial, doubt and confusing the public”.


So I think exercise is good for all sorts of reasons, but losing weight is not one of them.



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