Oh Man Fun and Games at the Disputes Tribunal

Recently I posted about the terrible service I’ve received from FreeViewShop.  Back in May 2014 I bought a Hyundai AH-3110 unit from them.

In that post I list all the problems I had with it.  Lars Wahlmann from FreeViewShop (although he says he’s now sold the business*, which explains a lot – such as him not wanting to give a refund for a unit he’ll be stuck with, not caring about the FreeViewShop brand etc.) turns out to be a bit of a nutter!

Like actually, not just a bit.  He’s a pathological liar!  I actually think he might have some sort of mental health disorder.

This is what happened:

1) I outline my position, which is pretty much what I originally posted here.

2) Lars Wahlmann launches into a diatribe about the various events, what he has said to me, what I’ve said to him etc.  80% of it was completely fabricated. This is what he made up (some of it prepared, some of it on the spot):

  • He said he had instructed me to do some tests on the external hard drive.  Totally untrue, if he had said this, I would have run the tests.  The thing is, the fault probably lies with this HDD and Lars stuffed up by telling me to definitely not send it back.
  • We’ve had numerous phone calls, and I was abusive to him.  In fact we had 2 phone calls and I was polite (as was he) both times.
  • I am daily checking his LinkedIn profile and this is harassment.  The truth is I looked at it once weeks and weeks ago.
  • I’ve been harassing him over the phone.  Totally untrue, never occurred.
  • I’ve followed along in my car behind his wife whilst she’s out on a run!  Unbelievable! I don’t even know where they live! I assumed it was Queenstown since that was where the business was.  So I would have had to get on a plane, hire a car, figure out when his wife (whom I have never seen -so I don’t know what she looks like) goes for a run, and then follow along behind her in some sort of threatening way.  All because the guy won’t refund $450 on a set top box!!??? The guy is a total loony!

Lars Wahlmann wasn’t able to provide a shred of evidence for any of the above allegations.  He didn’t have one email or anything else to corroborate what he was saying.  Why? Because it’s all totally fabricated, and just made up to make me look bad.

In addition to all that, my old friend Mike McDonald, whom I’ve posted on quite a lot about here, emailed Lars Wahlmann saying I’m a bully, blah blah blah.

All of this was just designed to demonise me in some way – and make me seem like some unreasonable person who harasses poor old innocent people.

Man, the lengths some people will go to, to get out of performing their legal responsibilities.

The decision from the referee will come out in the next week or so, so I’ll update once again I have that result.

In the meantime, I’d recommend not having any  business dealings whatsoever with Lars Wahlmann, he is 100% dishonest.

*Note that the FreeViewShop business may have a new owner.  If so, I have nothing against them or their business, and none of the above applies to them.


How Chinese Move Their Money

This post in the Australian Financial Review goes into some detail on how Chinese citizens have been illegally moving money out of China and into Australian property (mainly housing) assets.


Houses bought in Sydney

It’s also a fair bet that more than $1.2 million of Su’s money found its way to Australia.

The court documents hint at this. They show that the younger Su, who is thought to have studied in Australia, was paid nearly $2 million by another company associated with his father. Court documents show the younger Su was on the payroll of a trading company even though he never participated in a management meeting or had any involvement with the business.

The transcript is silent on whether this money ever came to Australia, but there’s no indication the younger Su or Qian felt ­insecure in recent years as Xi’s corruption campaign continued to arrest ever higher ranking officials.

Despite his father being officially placed under investigation in July 2011, the couple have made no attempt to disguise their ­activities.

And nor do they appear to have been short of cash.

In April last year they paid $1.35 million for a house in Killara, which has remained empty since and is now slated for ­demolition and a $500,000 rebuild.

Property records show the couple settled on this house before selling a townhouse in Breakfast Point for $2.5 million. They are also linked to a $550,000 apartment in Rhodes, which is the registered address for a company they established, and another apartment in Wolli Creek, which they appear to have bought off the plan in ­October 2010 for $400,000.

And so the question of course is, “Is this happening in NZ too?”  And I reckon it is.

Which of course raises other questions such as “What is going to be done about this, if anything?” and “Is the money train going to stop – leading to lower property values in NZ?”

I’d really be interested in readers comments on this.

3 Day Work Week?

Carlos Slim must know a thing or 2, being either the richest or second richest man in the world depending on how you measure it.

And he reckons a 3 day work week is the way to go, I reckon I agree!

World’s richest man urges three-day work week

2:24 PM Thursday Oct 9, 2014
Mexican billionaire also says people should work 11 hour days until they turn 75.
Mexican telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim. Photo / AP

Mexican telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim. Photo / AP

The world’s richest man is calling for a radical overhaul of our work-life balance that would see people at their jobs for just three days a week.

Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecom tycoon worth over US$80 billion ($101 billion), also believes people the typical working day should last 11 hours instead of eight and that the retirement age should be increased to 75.

“You should have more time for you during all of your life – not when you’re 65 and retired,” he told CNNMoney.

Rest of Article



Things Get Really Serious for Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants, is being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office!

How do I know this? Well for some time the police at Manukau city Financial Fraud Team have been looking into his affairs.  I rang the officer involved a few weeks back to ask if the police were still investigating him.  He said the matter had been referred to the SFO.

So I rang the SFO and someone got back to me to say yes they are investigating him.  That person couldn’t give me any details (understandable) and asked me not to blog about it for 2-3 weeks.  Which I was happy to do since I don’t want to hurt their investigation in any way.

So there we are, this guys is seriously bad news.  According to the SFO website:

- Multi-victim investment fraud
- Fraud involving those in important positions of trust (e.g. lawyers)
- Matters of bribery and corruption
- Any other case that could significantly damage New Zealand’s reputation for fair and free  financial markets minus corruption.

So I would say it would be fair to say Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants, is in a fair bit of trouble.  Of course, innocent until proven guilty, but these guys don’t usually muck around on cases where any alleged offending isn’t of a provable nature.

Time will tell where all of this goes and what, if any crimes have been committed and what, if any charges/convictions will be made.

This is What Happens When You Let Planners Run Things

Stockholm, a lovely place to visit.  I wonder if Auckland Council planners go on holidays there?

The trouble is, housing-wise it’s a disaster.  Turns out you can’t rent a place there for love nor money and housing prices have gone up 300% in the last 13 years…

Here’s the article on it.  And here are a few choice bits:

First, the city wait list for a new apartment is now 15 years on average

Stockholm is today one of the few capitals in the world where you cannot simply move to and hope to find a rental. You either have to wait in Stockholm’s official housing line, which has about half a million people ahead of you, or you can wait in one of the co-op lines, which own 28% of rental properties. Yet, if you look to Sweden’s largest co-op, there are exactly zero apartments available in Greater Stockholm.

In the last 10 years, 35,000 rental properties have been converted to condos with the result that the black market for getting a rental property is $29,000 per room. To be clear, that means paying someone $29,000 just for the right to rent that room.

Either way, with construction moving at a slow pace, and at the highest cost in the EU—72% above the average—the people of Stockholm and those moving in have figured out that with little or no new supply, the only way to make it work might be to move in with somebody, not by choice but by necessity. This is what decades of too little construction have led to: a new Stockholm Syndrome.

We’d have this here if the National government wasn’t taking on the councils.


Mike McDonald and Melissa McDonald – Fur Baby

Mike McDonald, formerly of McDonald & Co. Accountants still owes me a lot of money.  Over $35,000 in fact.  This is for unpaid rent, outgoings etc. for premises he leased for 6 years but vacated 2 years in.

I’m in the process of bankrupting him.

He has been under investigation for misappropriating his clients funds.   The IRD have also been looking into his affairs as there are allegations that he has misappropriated funds to be used to pay taxes on his clients behalf.

I see his wife, Melissa McDonald has started a home based online business called Fur Baby.  The website lists pet related products for sale.  The link is www.furbaby.co.nz/They also have a FaceBook page:www.facebook.com/Furbabynz

I’d be very careful in dealing with either of these two people.  Melissa McDonald is not Mike McDonald, but she is his wife, so very close in other words.

So I’m not saying anyone would lose any money or anything via Melissa McDonald or Fur Baby, but I myself would choose a different pet products supplier.  I wouldn’t want to associate with anyone who is married to a person who owes money all over town and has refused to repay it.

Melissa sounds like someone who genuinely loves animals.  She’s even volunteered at the SPCA as I have.  I’m a supporter of a couple of animal charities in fact.  Pity she’s married to a guy who does the things he does.

I have judgement against Mike McDonald in the Disputes Tribunal and this will be enforced shortly.

Auckland Transport Take the Cake. Then the Biscuits, the Drink…

Read this article in NBR today: Auckland Transport takes up the parking challenge.

So what of course a headline like that normally means is that Auckland Transport are looking to make some more money, and are in the process of figuring out how to screw the public out of more their cash – without upsetting the apple cart to the extent that there would be a public backlash.

So I started reading it but then I had to read this 3 times to be sure I was reading it correctly:

“The draft discussion paper suggests possible parking levies being imposed on private car park building providers as a revenue-generating mechanism to help fund public transport initiatives.”

So not only are they going to charge shitloads for their own car parks, they think they might like to start charging revenue on privately owned car parks as well?

Well imagine having a business like this: You don’t have to own property or anything, you just charge rent on it anyway!  But surely you can’t do that you say.  And you may be right, but that doesn’t stop them from trying!

Readers of this blog may recall Auckland Transport tried to take the balconies on my property at Papakura and lease them back to me.  Yep, just annex a bit of my property and then generously lease them back to me.  What a great bunch of guys.

So if we’re not careful, Auckland Transport will try to levy private car park owners in the Auckland CBD, and then presumably roll that out over all of Auckland.

Oh well, one way of driving people out of the CBD I guess.

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